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First Flight Solutions leverages more than 350 years of carrier experience to help you achieve the best parcel rates available.

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Carrier Background 
Our team spent a total of more than 350 years working for the carriers in executive-level pricing and sales positions. 

Efficient & Effective 
We simplify the process. Our business model will achieve desired results in a matter of hours during a 2-month negotiation period.

Quantitative Measurement 
We'll break down your company's weekly savings so you know exactly where every penny of the savings are coming from.

Guaranteed Cost Reduction
Allow us to run a free shipping analysis based on your unique data. We'll return a savings projection guarantee in just 2-3 days.

Contract Maintenance
Once you come to terms with your carrier, we keep tabs on your account to ensure that your carrier is in compliance with the negotiated terms.

No Savings? No Charge. 
If we don't achieve the savings we commit to on the front end, there is no cost for our services, which ensures you're always protected.

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